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CNC Router for High-Volume Processing

The Titan XL CNC Router from CAMaster is specifically designed for high-volume processing of a variety of materials. These include:

  • Aluminum composite materials (ACM)
  • Metal Composite Materials (MCM)
  • Fiber cement boards and panels
  • High pressure laminate panels (HPL)
  • Lightweight display board
  • Aluminum honeycomb panels
  • Aluminum sandwich panels/corrugated core panels
  • Aluminum extrusions.

The Titan XL comes with a multihead configuration that allows for multiple cutting heads on the machine, including spindles, aggregate heads, saws, knives and more.

An automatic tool changer (ATC) for one or two cutting heads is also available.

The Titan XL can be customized to suit company's exact needs:

  • Widths from 5' to 12'
  • Lengths from 10' to 50'
  • Gantry clearance heights from 6" to 20"
  • Single or dual table.

The typical Titan XL comes with a multihead configuration that allows for two or three cutting heads. This configuration permits a near-immediate transition among cutting tools for tasks like grooving, drilling and profile cutting, negating the need for an automatic tool-changing mechanism.

A single or dual cutting head configuration combined with a single or dual automatic tool changer is also available.

The Titan XL is designed with high versatility in mind, including: 6" - 20" gantry clearance heights, aggregate heads, knives, saws and more.

Titan XL machines come standard with:

  • All-steel welded frame
  • All-steel gantry and supports
  • Digital AC servo motor and drive system with absolute encoders
  • SmartCore next-gen CNC motion controller
  • High precision planetary gearboxes
  • Failsafe Z motor brake system
  • Phenolic or aluminum table top
  • PC front end control
  • Custom built monitor stand with on/off, cycle start/stop, E-stop and USB
  • Free tech support and for life of the machine
  • Free live direct online technician.

For more information contact:

CAMaster, Inc.

149 Wansley Dr.

Cartersville, GA 30121


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