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Diatool Top Speed Ring for Faster, More Precise Reaming

Monaghan Tooling Group offers the Diatool Top Speed Ring (TSR) modular reaming system, which is designed to achieve up to 70% faster feedrates with out-of-the-box functionality.

"With up to four additional cutting blades, this unique design allows not only faster machining but also increased tool life to achieve increased performance and cost-efficiency," said a company spokesperson. "The multiblade design features uneven spacing of cutting edges to create exceptionally round and cylindrical bores."

The TSR comes set to size and requires no additional set-up. Moreover, the holders are equipped with internal coolant as a standard feature.

The Diatool Top Speed Ring covers a diameter range of 50 mm to 225 mm (1.9685" to 8.8583"), making it suited for a diverse range of precision reaming applications. It is capable of long production runs of large diameter bores, precision reaming of heavy equipment components or any application requiring precise and repeatable bore sizes.

The solid TSR offers straight or left-hand fluted options, allowing the optimal bevel lead geometry to be utilized for performance and chip control. It also supports Cermet, carbide or PCD blades and a full line of coating options, allowing for use with a variety of part materials. The Top Speed Ring holders are available in cylindrical shanks or module connections to allow for runout compensation or for use with standard hydraulic holders.

"The Diatool TSR has an economical design, with rings that can be reconditioned countless times to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications, achieving the same tool life as a new reamer. This reusability makes the Top Speed Ring both efficient and cost-effective," said a company spokesperson.

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