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CBN-Tipped Boring Bars for Hard Part Machining

Tungaloy's TinyMiniTurn mini boring bar tool line for small bore applications now offers CBN tipped boring bars for machining hardened steel parts.

TinyMiniTurn offers a wide range of geometry types and grades that provide enhanced performance in small diameter boring applications. The line offers a full range of solid carbide mini boring bars that allows machining from as small as 0.6 mm (.024") diameters, as well as indexable boring tools that use a tiny insert in the inscribed circle of 3.57 mm (9/64") or 3.97 mm (5/32").

CBN-tipped mini boring bars feature BX310 uncoated CBN grade that increases the grade's wear resistance when used at low to medium cutting speeds, making it suitable for machining small bores from as small as 2.8 mm (.110") diameter of hardened steel parts.

The JBT-style cutting edge geometry of the bars incorporates a 98° point angle that allows the single geometry to be used in multiple applications, including boring, profiling and chamfering. Furthermore, the boring bars feature an edge preparation of 0.13 mm (.005") x 15° chamfer, providing the cutting edge with edge-line security and robustness.

The CBN boring bars are equipped with internal coolant channel for through-coolant capability. This feature allows the coolant jet to be directed exactly to the optimal position accurately to cutting point for increased tool life and chip control, which was difficult with conventional external coolant supply method, during small diameter boring operations.

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