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Industrial CNC Plasma System

With easy-to-use software, Swift-Cut Pro provides high-speed precision cutting, a low running cost and fast ROI.

Swift-Cut, manufacturer of CNC plasma and waterjet cutting systems, offers the Pro series plasma table that features a complete smart cutting solution. It combines high precision and high cutting speeds on material up to 25 mm (1").

Swift-Cut offers four table sizes, suited for smaller spaces, in its Pro series range: 1,250 x 1,250 mm (4' x 4'), 2,500 x 1,250 mm (8' x 4'), 3,000 x 1,500 mm (10' x 5') and 4,000 x 2,000 mm (13' x 6.5'). Systems are available with ESAB and alternative power sources for air-plasma cutting at up to 125A. With Swift-Cut's easy-to-use software, anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can operate the CNC cutting system.

"Swift-Cut solutions enable fabricators of all sizes to take control of their cutting operations," said Phil Camp, Managing Director, Swift-Cut. "With systems such as the Swift-Cut Pro, they can leverage the power of CNC technology to shift from manual to automated cutting operations, bring metal cutting in-house, expand service offerings and improve delivery times compared to manual plasma cutting or handheld power tools."

Machines arrive fully assembled and training is included as standard. Typical users have operators trained and their system up and running in half a day in beginner mode, then can explore more capabilities in an advanced mode. The software features a built-in parts shape library, can import DXF/DWG files or convert JPG images for cutting, has automatic part nesting (optional) to optimize plate use/reduce scrap and a plate alignment function that eliminates the need to reposition a misaligned plate on the cutting bed. In-house technicians with access to remote support software, plus a custom mobile app, mean in the unlikely event of an issue, downtime is kept to a minimum.

The Swift-Cut Pro features a heavy-duty build with a base that is fully welded for strength and rigidity. The gantry is a custom aluminum extrusion with substantial machined end castings and powerful dual drive motors. Precision linear rail on all axes deliver straight, accurate and repeatable movement, while "Soft Sense" height sensing technology and intelligent torch height control provide cut consistency and extend consumables life.

ESAB announced that it acquired Swift-Cut in March 2023 to complement its portfolio in high-precision, high-productivity, heavy-duty automated cutting and beveling systems, CAD/CAM software and productivity-enhancing analytic tools.

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