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Modular Safety Gate System

The PSENmlock door handle module features an integrated escape release.

Pilz offers the PSENmlock handle module, expanding its modular safety gate system.

Safe guard locking is enabled by the two-channel control on the guard-locking device. As such, the switch is particularly suited for use on machines with a hazardous overrun, which also require safe guard locking up to the highest category performance level e.

The PSENmlock handle module can be used for left and right-hinged gates. It can be fitted on the inside or outside and is compatible for swing gates and sliding gates.

On the outside of the secured gate is a yellow handle through which the actuator is disengaged for closing or opening. An escape release can only be triggered via the red handle on the inside. As a result, people can leave a potential danger zone inside the machinery space at any time. The PSENmlock handle module has a lockout bar for up to five locks. This prevents the machine from restarting unintentionally following a stop. As a modular safety gate solution with access control, the safety gate system provides sensors, escape release, handles a diagnostic system and a pushbutton unit with optional integrated access permission system as well as an appropriate evaluation device. All modules in the safety gate system can be assembled individually. "Combined with the configurable safe small controller PNOZmulti 2 from Pilz, the result is a safe complete solution for safety gate monitoring," said a company spokesperson.

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