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Medical Drill Application

Due to an increasing demand to grind O2.35 mm shank medical drills, ANCA has created a tool loading solution for FX Linear machines to address this need. Many medical drills have a short shank length with a head larger than 2.35 mm.

ANCA has designed a dental drill loading kit, including tailored RoboMate pallets for FX machines using a FANUC 200iD robot loader. The pallet top allows a reduction of the insertion depth of the shank with an 8 mm pocket depth, so that drills with only 10 mm of available shank length can be loaded. The robot grippers have also been modified for the reduced thickness of medical tools. The medical gripper can accommodate O2-10 mm x 100 mm with a maximum head diameter of 14 mm.

"Medical instruments are typically manufactured from stainless medical grade alloy, so handling can be sensitive," said a company spokesperson. "The small medical drill kit also includes adjustable pressure setting from 1.5 bar to 5 bar for tool clamping to prevent damage from tool loading, with the pressure adjustable via the RoboMate program."

ANCA CNC tool grinders are designed to grind an array of medical instruments. ToolRoom software includes tool design applications for a diverse range of round tools and burrs. Available technologies like white-sticking, in-machine wheel balancing and micro adjustable tool steadies add to ANCA's solutions for supporting diverse applications.

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