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Replacement Filters for OEM Brand Dust Collectors

The Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation has introduced two aftermarket cartridge filters. Parker designs filters to meet special applications and manufactures aftermarket filters for most OEM dust collection equipment.

The division's newest development is a replacement cartridge filter for an OEM brand dust collection system.

"The key advantage to this filter is the enhanced, more conventional design," said a company spokesperson. "This filter is constructed without the inner conical filter the OEM included, creating a greater pleat depth. For enhanced sealing, the filter has a wider gasket contact area than the OEM filter. To resist bowing, the replacement cartridge is constructed with a stiffer and heavier gauge sheet metal top pan. The robust filter design also includes a galvanized and expanded metalcore urethane potting compound and four 1 in. wide reinforcement straps."

Another feature of this pulse-jet cartridge filter is that it can directly interchange with the OEM filter without modification of the dust collector. This enables the replacement cartridge to be compatible for use in any application currently using the OEM filter with similar media.

"This replacement cartridge was engineered to solve problems customers experience with the OEM brand filter. With greater pleat depth and proven design enhancements, beta site customers report lower pressure drop and longer filter life," said Jeff Canfield, senior product engineer, Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division.

"Parker has developed dozens of OEM brand competitive fit filters, including a 52 in. cartridge using a continuous, full-height pleatpack rather than the original configuration of stacking and joining two 26 in. tall cartridges," said the spokesperson. "For customers, this means less potential for leaks, no wasted media at the connection of the two sections and less labor and materials needed to make one full-height pleatpack."

For more information contact:

Parker Hannifin Corporation

Industrial Gas Filtration and

Generation Division

11501 Outlook Street, Ste. 100

Overland Park, KS 66211


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