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Robot Models for a Variety of Material Handling Needs

Yaskawa Motoman's GP-series robot line now features 25 versatile models featuring payload capacities from 4 kg to 600 kg.

This extensive lineup of 6- and 7-axis robots supports a variety of customer needs in diverse industries. GP-series robots are designed for a variety of handling applications such as assembly, packaging, machine tending and press tending, as well as dispensing, material cutting and material removal.

The GP-series models offer fast axis speeds and acceleration capabilities to reduce cycle time and increase production output. Due to the various payload capacities, a wide array of tooling and sensors can be supported, fulfilling unique project requirements. Each model is engineered with a wide wrist motion range to improve application flexibility and designed with a hollow arm to eliminate cable interference.

The extended reach 6-axis GP20HL, GP25-12, GP35L and GP180-120 robot models offer high moment and inertia ratings, as well as a broad work envelope for processing large parts. This eliminates the need for a linear track, optimizing valuable floorspace. A higher payload capacity allows the GP180-120 robot to handle even larger and heavier payloads. Other high payload models such as the 6-axis GP400 and GP600 provide enhanced performance for heavy part processing, making them suited for jigless applications.

Three shelf-mounted models-the 6-axis GP165R, GP200R and GP400R-save floorspace, expand the work envelope and improve access to parts. They also feature high inertia ratings that enable the accommodation of a wide range of large, heavy parts.

Offering greater flexibility, the 7-axis GP110B robot provides an increased motion range for obstacle avoidance and reaching parts in challenging spaces. A reduced interference design enables high-density robot placement, and a pre-wired servo gripper accommodates a wide variety of product handling, especially for heavy applications.

Most GP-series robots offer an IP67-rated wrist and IP54 body standard, with select models offering an XP (eXtra Protection) package that increases body protection rating to IP65.

A single cable is all that is needed to connect the manipulator to the controller, resulting in easy set-up and reduced expenses for maintenance and spare parts inventory.

GP-series robots are controlled by Yaskawa's high-performance YRC1000 controller that is built to a global standard and does not require a transformer for input voltages ranging from 380 VAC to 480 VAC. The YRC1000 is a compact 598 mm W x 490 mm H x 427 mm D. Its I/O communication speed is improved by as much as 50% for greater work efficiency while a single controller-to-robot cable improves cable reliability. Select models can also be controlled by Yaskawa's ultra-compact YRC1000micro controller. Suited for high density layouts, the YRC1000micro can be installed vertically, horizontally or within a 19" rack.

The standard programming pendant design features enhanced ergonomics and lighter weight. Suitable for novice users, the Smart Pendant is available for select GP models. Smart Pendant features a tablet-style interface and provides simplified programming and fast implementation.

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