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New Portable Magnetic Drill

Hougen Manufacturing, Inc. has released a new and improved HMD904 portable magnetic drill that features enhanced performance, lightweight size and small footprint.

A new hidden motor cord design incorporates the cord into the drill's motor casing and housing. This design change increases the safety of the drill and reduces maintenance to a minimum. The overall height has been lowered by 1-1/2", which allows the drill to fit into tighter areas. A pilot light that is built into the magnet allows the operator to more efficiently line up the pilot with the hole's center location in low light conditions.

Powering the drill is a proprietary Hougen motor with an aluminum casing to improve durability. The drill also includes a two-stage magnet that increases magnetic holding power by 30% when the drill motor is turned on, which saves energy and increases magnet life. The arbor system utilizes a 5/8" slot drive for more rigidity, hole accuracy, positive slug ejection and quicker use of accessories such as drill chucks and tapping attachments.

The HMD904 has additional features that make the drill easier to use: a more robust housing design with an ergonomic carrying handle, a spot to hold the hex wrench, reversible feed handles and a D-ring on the back of the magnet for quickly attaching the safety chain.

A redesigned heavy-duty carrying case is included with the HMD904. For additional productivity, a few different versions of the HMD904 are available including models with a swivel base magnet, a coolant bottle and fabricators kits.

The HMD904 magnetic drill weighs just 30 lbs. (13.6 kg), measures 18" H x 7-3/4" W x 11-5/8" L (457 mm x 197 mm x 295 mm) and provides drilling capacities from 7/16" up to 1-1/2" (12 mm to 38 mm) diameter and 2" (50 mm) depth of cut. The drill has an electrical rating of 9A and a 450 RPM motor.

For safety, the HMD904 incorporates Hougen's exclusive features to ensure a safe work environment, including a no-adjustment safety switch that shuts down the drill motor if lifting of the magnetic base is detected. An LED indicator monitors this sensor and alerts if the safety switch is not properly engaged. A two-stage power-on switch prevents drill rotation unless the magnet has first been engaged, and, in the case of a power interruption, safety circuitry will keep the drill motor off after power is restored until the start button is manually depressed. The HMD904 is made in the USA.

For more information contact:

Hougen Manufacturing, Inc.

3001 Hougen Drive

Swartz Creek, MI 48473

810-635-7111 / 800-426-7818

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