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Economic Complete Machining

The high-performance MAXXTURN 45 lathe is designed to provide economic complete machining. "Highly dynamic drive systems help provide increased productivity along with precision and rigidity for the production of complex turned and milled parts," said a company spokesperson.

The MAXXTURN family comprises five members: the MAXXTURN 25, 45, 65, 95 and 110. The smaller three high-performance universal lathes with their counter spindles provide economic complete machining of barstock and chuck parts, while the MAXXTURN 95 and 110 concentrate on the machining of shafts and flange parts. "Fitted with a Y-axis, driven tools, a high-precision C-axis and high rapid-motion speeds, the MAXXTURN series can cost-effectively manufacture complex machined parts," said the spokesperson. "Workpieces range from hydraulic/pneumatic components, to machines as well as engine and automotive parts, all the way to components from the field of biomedical engineering or the fields of materials and bulk material handling. Friction and antifriction bearing parts are just a few more examples of the nearly endless possibilities."

Tailored Automation

A swing loader is included for automatic loading and feeding out of the machined parts. This compact and integrated loader is controlled via the machine control. The combination of a swivel movement and a linear movement, driven by servomotors, provides fast set-up. As a result, preformed raw parts can also be inserted position-oriented into the clamping device. After machining has been completed, the finished parts are transported out of the machine via the parts catcher.

EMCO has two different versions of bar loaders on offer for bar work: the swing loader as a universal loading system for all types of preformed blanks, and the short bar loader SL1200 for automatic feeding and loading of cut-to-length bars.

Highlights of the MAXXTURN Series

One of the characteristics of the MAXXTURN line is that the Y-axis is integrated in the body of the machine, providing enhanced stability and precision. The wide distances between the guides make for stable turning and offer the operator additional possibilities for complete machining.

The compact counter spindle is an additional highlight, taking over workpieces position-oriented and with precision for machining the reverse side. This avoids having to clamp workpieces a second time, thereby avoiding wait time.

The tool turret with single-motor engineering offers space for 12 VDI25 toolholders. Each station can accept driven tools. A servo motor powers the driven tools and the swivel movement. The toolholders, equipped with EMCO joggling plates, allow easy tool insertion with repeatable accuracy without the need for time-consuming adjustments.

In the course of modular assembly, customers can choose between a SIEMENS (including ShopTurn dialogue interface) and a FANUC control interface (including Manual-Guide-i control interface).

Technical Details

The 72° inclined bed is the core of the machine. The rigid and compact welded-steel construction provides a solid basis for precise as well as economic production. "The advantages of steel, in comparison to machine casting, are higher rigidity and superior thermal behavior of the lathes during warm-up," said the spokesperson. "For optimum damping of the vibrations and resonances that naturally occur during machining, the machine base of the MAXXTURN 45 is filled with special vibration-damping material. A perfect turning finish and true running accuracy are the result. Reinforcing materials provide additional rigidity in zones that are often subject to intense stress."

The MAXXTURN 45 is equipped with roller guides that are free from wear and bedded without play. According to the company, they are delivered with highest possible pre-stress and are bolted onto high-precision, ground bearing pads. Enhanced guidance qualities without any stick-slip effect improve surface qualities of machined parts. Covers along the guides and additional telescope covers made of stainless steel increase operational safety and durability.

The high driving power of the spindle combined with torque curve improve economic efficiency in cutting steel, as well as high-speed cutting of aluminum. The main spindle provides a bar capacity of up to 45 mm and is supported with extra large precision bearings, allowing for a wide range of speeds. A symmetrical headstock with fitted cooling fins provides thermostability.

On the MAXXTURN 45 with tailstock, the tailstock is set up on the linear roller slide and can be positioned automatically within a range of 510 mm. The rolling center with MK4 shaft is directly integrated into the tailstock and can be removed using a pressure wedge.

On the MAXXTURN 45 S, which is equipped with a counter spindle, the counter spindle headstock is placed on a separate linear roller slide and can be positioned within a range of 510 mm. A stroke-monitored parts ejector, flushed with coolant, provides safe removal of the finished parts.

The toolholder consists of a 12-position VDI25 radial turret with single-motor engineering and quick-change system. All 12 stations can accept driven toolholders. A servo motor powers the driven tools and the swivel movement. The machine operator may adjust the slewing speed at any time, using a feed-override switch. The turret can be used on both spindles and switches with direction logic. This means that it always takes the shortest way when swiveling to the next tool. The toolholders, equipped with the EMCO joggling plate and DIN 5480 coupling, allow easy tool insertion with repeatable accuracy without time-consuming adjustments, according to the company.

The C-axis (model-specific) is part of the machine's standard equipment. The spindle can be positioned with a resolution of 0.001°. A directly attached no-contact rotary encoder without a belt drive provides the precision of the C-axis as well as precise contour milling. In addition, the main spindle can be clipped into the right position for drilling and milling operations using a spindle brake.

The Y-axis (model-specific) is integrated in the standard build of the machine and is positioned at an angle of 90° in relation to the X-axis. Extremely short protruding lengths are the basis for solid lathing and drilling operations, as well as for milling without receiving imprecise contours.

Dynamic three-phase drives in all linear axes, with preloaded circulating ball spindles, provide high feed forces and positioning with repeatable accuracy.

Incremental measure systems in the feed motor are integrated in all linear axes.

The clamping unit is a hydraulic clamping system with a bar capacity of up to o45 mm, including a programmable chuck stroke monitor and direct measure system. Time-consuming adjustments with the tools are thereby substituted by a simple training in Teach-In mode.

The MAXXTURN 45 uses an automatic centralized lubrication system with lubricant-saving impulse lubrication due to its integrated pressure and quantity monitoring.

A central coolant supply through the VDI interface at the turret and through the toolholder provides optimal cooling and lubrication during the machining process. An additional coolant pipe has been installed to clean the clamping devices and the work area.

The hydraulic system is a high-pressure compact system with a pump and a fine filter in the head pipe with which the chucking pressure can be more finely adjusted-a must for clamping sensitive workpieces in the main and the counter spindle. Due to its compact construction it has a small footprint.

The casing of the machine is completely closed. The door is monitored with safety switches to prevent operator injury and features a sizeable viewing window made of laminated safety glass.

The pneumatically operated pick-up unit removes finished parts from the main or the counter spindle. The parts are gently transported into a finished parts container outside of the work area. Max. length of finished parts: 120 mm; max. o45 mm; max. weight 2 kg.

A digital process assistant for the comprehensive integration of customer- and system-specific applications for controlling the machine and the production flow, EMCONNECT interlinks and networks the production environment. In order to create more efficient work processes without losing sight of the machines' reliability in all operating modes, the operating sequences focus on the users and their requirements.

With EMCONNECT, users can access important additional features directly via the control panel, which means that it is possible to access all important details, data and systems directly and centrally at the machine. "EMCO's modular system makes it possible to implement project- and customer-specific applications in a flexible way. Thus, EMCONNECT is the key to ideal work processes and increased productivity," said the spokesperson.

The range of available apps is continuously being expanded. Option Shopfloor Data, designed for the collection of machine and operating data, provides comprehensive monitoring of all machines as well as process organization in the production area. This product is characterized especially by machine and manufacture independence and mobile access to the machine state using a smartphone or tablet PC.

In order to minimize machine downtimes, EMCO is currently developing the EMCONNECT Data Service for targeted preventive maintenance.

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