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New Welding Accessories

PRO28 28mm Modular Fixturing System

TIG Feeder

Strong Hand Tools has introduced new welding accessories, including the PRO28 28 mm Modular Fixturing System with five-face fixturing table, and the TIG Feeder for the accurate, controlled release of TIG wire during welding.

The PRO28 five-face table for precision vertical and horizontal welding is the newest addition to the BuildPro Modular Fixturing line of Welding Tables and Fixturing Kits. The key to the BuildPro System is the complete modularity of the individual, positionable, reversible, self-locating table plates. "Patented locating bushings make it easy to position and reposition the table plates as needed for each unique project, making the table the ideal platform for short run jobs, fixture replication for repeating jobs or design changes to production weldments," said a company spokesperson.

The PRO28 Tabletop features a plasma nitride surface treatment for enhanced performance and wear with a hardness of HV 750. Fixturing elements mate to the 28 mm CNC machined table holes in a 100 mm grid pattern on the tabletop for rapid set-up of customized welding fixtures as needed for accurate welding and repeatable work quality. Each heavy-duty table leg supports 4,400 lbs.

TIG Feeder

Strong Hand Tools engineers designed the compact, lightweight, stainless steel TIG Feeder to rest comfortably in the hand for ease of use and to combat hand fatigue during long periods of welding. The TIG Feeder's knurled thumb wheel provides a smooth, continuous wire feed and features a center groove to prevent even the thinnest wires from shifting.

The customizable TIG Feeder Arm can be bent as needed to create tension and stability for managed feeding of a variety of wire diameters. A rare earth magnet set in the TIG Feeder body allows the Feeder to be placed vertically against a steel surface for temporary, safe resting during work breaks.

The new line includes a TIG Feeder Stand with a magnetic base (sold separately) for use with turntable applications.

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