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TDM and TDM Global Line 2020 Released

With the Global Line 2020 release, users can keep an eye on all tool data.

In the new TDM release, cutting data is recorded, evaluated and saved directly from the machine.

TDM Systems, a digitalization specialist and provider of tool data management systems for industry, has announced the latest version of its TDM and TDM Global Line. The release offers numerous enhanced developments as well as new modules designed to help users reduce their tooling costs and increase their efficiency.

"For the user, the key to being more cost-effective, quicker and more agile in manufacturing is digitalization. Machining companies can now take a further step towards networking and data usage thanks to the latest generation of the TDM and TDM Global Line tool management software," said Dietmar Bohn, Managing Director of TDM Systems.

"With the new TDM Global Line 2020 release, users achieve greater transparency regarding their tooling costs and key figures," said a company spokesperson. "This is possible because each user can now individually configure their TDM Global Line dashboard. The relevant reports can then either be displayed in the dashboard, printed out or simply transferred to Excel."

"In addition to improvements and further developments in the TDM Shopfloor Manager and the Tool Crib apps, the latest release also provides new modules in TDM Global Line such as TDM NC-Program Manager Global Line, a powerful tool that provides a continuous production process while the existing application expertise is retained by the company," added the spokesperson.

The TDM Purchase Request Module Global Line can be used to manage tool requirements and forward them to an ERP system. This helps the company to provide all the required tools at the right time and in the right quantities.

The TDM Barcode Module Global Line expands the Global Line Tool Crib and allows companies to more easily control processes by using barcodes. The TDM 3D Solid Editor Global Line can be used to modify and adapt 3D models, helping achieve time savings when creating 3D models.

In addition to TDM Global Line, the tool data specialist also has further developed its core solution, TDM. With the new release, the TDM 2020 Feeds & Speeds Manager is featured. In conjunction with the Comara Box, the actual applied cutting data is recorded, compressed and evaluated directly from the machine. By comparing the planned cutting values that are defined in the NC program with the actual applied cutting values in the machine, it is possible to specify reliable cutting values as early as the planning phase. Another advantage of using the TDM Feeds & Speeds Manager is that the expertise from production is saved centrally so that even if employees leave the company, the knowledge is retained.

With the 2020 release, the completeness check of CAM-specific tool data has also become more transparent, as has the automated calculation of collision data-something that is particularly advantageous for CATIA and NX users, according to the company.

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