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Accelerating Data Management Transformation

Data management and consulting company AcquireX offers its vCDO (Virtual Chief Data Officer) solution, a hybrid services and technology solution suite designed to help businesses uncover the full value of their most valuable asset: data.

"The proliferation of data and technology solutions has now exceeded the human capacity to absorb and capitalize on the true potential of all this information," said a company spokesperson. "In fact, many organizations have become ensnared in a seemingly endless battle to focus on mission-critical opportunities, while combating ever-increasing demands resulting from the explosion of data, devices and applications and their associated security risks."

The spokesperson continued, "The AcquireX vCDO now brings an effective, cost-efficient assessment tool to a marketplace in which many industries, such as healthcare, energy, manufacturing and finance are inundated with data. Often times, they are not equipped to use it strategically to meet long-term business goals. The vCDO solution provides an in-depth, easy-to-understand scorecard to help organizations identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in data security, data management, data analytics and data governance. In conjunction with vCDO, AcquireX offers a suite of complementary services to realize enterprise-wide improvement in data quality, setting the stage for more informed, strategically valuable business decisions."

"The launch of our vCDO solution marks an important milestone for AcquireX as we work towards helping organizations monetize their data," said Dr. David Watts, founder and CEO of AcquireX. "Data is a commodity that we all use every day, much like food and oil. But data can be reused, which means it has infinite potential. We are excited to see AcquireX's vCDO help organizations fulfill their potential."

AcquireX's vCDO technology and related services are designed to enhance the data services market with a complete solution that provides data assessment, software, mapping of data strategy and necessary consulting.

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