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Clean Bright Aluminum with No Manual Brushing

Madison Chemical offers ALUMA-CLING BLUE, a moderately acidic thickened-gel formulation for cleaning aluminum alloys, especially bright, decorative aluminum, with no brushing.

"This phosphate-free product has excellent detergency and rinsing properties and is ideal for 5000 and 6000 series aluminum alloys and stainless-steel surfaces," said a company spokesperson. "It effectively removes plasma smoke residue, weld marks, light oxide and discoloration due to previous processing, and eliminates or greatly reduces streaking, yellowing, whitening and over-etching caused by aggressive acids. Easily applied at full strength by pump, spray or manually wiping or brushing, ALUMA-CLING BLUE reduces the number of steps and often the manual brushing necessary to obtain a clean, bright aluminum surface."

For best results, Madison Chemical recommends using ALUMA-CLING BLUE at full strength (100%) at room temperature. Contact time is dependent upon soil loading and application, with 1-15 minutes as a reasonable starting point. Longer contact time or reapplication may be required for moderate to heavy contaminants. Follow with a cold-water rinse. Optimum results on bright aluminum surfaces are achieved with a high-pressure cold-water rinse.

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