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Manual Helix Thread Grinders

"Drake MH model thread grinders are designed to be an economical choice in precision grinding," said a company spokesperson. "Available for external and internal grinding, these manual helix machines are made to last. Built on a compact cast polymer base for vibration damping and thermal stability, MH grinders are easily integrated into a production facility. The use of linear motors with high-resolution scales on positioning axes fully eliminates ball screw wear, allowing for multi-directional stiffness and low maintenance. This ensures repeatable precision when grinding parts. Further MH advantages include repeatable, accurate results; efficient production; versatile grinding and form options; and a compact footprint."

The MH models are equipped with Drake PartSmart software designed to increase production efficiency. Utilizing menu-driven screens, this software offers versatile grinding and form style options to meet customer requirements.

Grinding style options include straight grind, multiple taper grind, dual lead and more.

Form style options include ACME, 60° V, gothic, various worm profiles, API buttress and more.

Optional upgrades, including the Drake SmartForm software package, are available.


The external manual helix thread grinder is typically used when grinding taps, gauges, multi-start worms, ball screws, steering components, threads rolls, rotor components and more.

Machine specifications

 Length between centers: 330 mm

 Maximum swing o over table: 190 mm

 Lead angle (from horizontal): ±20°

 Wheel spindle power: 12 kW

 Wheel spindle speed: 8,000 RPM.


The internal manual helix thread grinder is typically used when grinding ball nuts, thread gauges, steering components and more.

Machine specifications

 Maximum swing o over table: 240 mm

 Lead angle (from horizontal): Various

 Wheel spindle power: 18 kW, 7.5 kW or 13 kW

 Wheel spindle speed: 30,000 RPM, 45,000 RPM or 60,000 RPM.

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