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Niigata Machine Techno USA Appoints Realm Machine New England Distributor

Niigata Machine Techno USA, Inc. has appointed Realm Machine Co. as its exclusive distributor of machine tools in New England.

Realm Machine Co. was established in 2012. "The precision machine distributor has formed relationships in all facets of the industry and has become a staple of the manufacturing community in New England," said a spokesperson. "Realm brings extensive product knowledge and total machine support to Niigata customers throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont."

"We are thrilled and honored to be appointed exclusive distributors of the Niigata Machine Techno USA product line in New England. Niigata builds the best horizontal machining centers (HMCs) in the industry and has a world-class organization to support both its distributors and customers alike," said Andrew Creed, President of Realm Machine Co.

"Niigata's message of growth corresponds with the recent expansion of the company's North American headquarters," said the spokesperson. "The U.S. location imports and distributes the Niigata product line, and provides expert service, application engineering and technical support."

As an HMC specialist, Niigata's solutions feature high-speed, heavy-duty precision machining. The wide range of models (500 mm through 1,600 mm pallet sizes) includes Niigata HN-D series heavy-duty box way HMCs, Niigata HN-S series (hybrid) box way/roller guide HMCs and Niigata HN-5X series heavy-duty box way 5-axis (trunnion style) HMCs, all featuring a large work envelope. For versatile machining, Niigata offers spindle options including U/W axis spindle and the 130 mm bar spindle. For companies looking to automate, Niigata also specializes in flexible manufacturing systems (FMS).

For more information contact:

Real Machine Co.

12 Crossroads Plaza

P.O. Box 370554

West Hartford, CT 06137


Niigata Machine Techno USA, Inc.

1501 Landmeier Road

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


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