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ProGMA Publishes ANSI Standard MH31.1

The release of the Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association's (ProGMA) first American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard, "Steel Mesh Containment Panels used in Pallet Rack Vertical Storage Systems Applications: Performance and Testing Requirements," is a first step in providing the marketplace with certified product testing protocol, according to a spokesperson.

ANSI facilitates the development of American National Standards (ANS) by accrediting the procedures of standards developing organizations (SDOs), such as ProGMA. These groups work cooperatively to develop voluntary national consensus standards. Accreditation by ANSI signifies that the procedures used by the standards body in connection with the development of the ANS meet the institute's essential requirements for openness, balance, consensus and due process.

The MH31.1 standard provides performance and testing requirements for vertically mounted steel mesh containment panels used in pallet rack and vertical storage system applications to contain and minimize the potential for falling items, protecting personnel, product and property. It is relevant to sites that already have installed steel mesh containment panels and when such product is part of a new installation.

ProGMA members are suppliers of fixed protective guarding products designed to protect personnel, equipment and inventory in industrial facilities, and are committed to the development, maintenance and publishing of industry standard specifications for these systems.

MHI is an international trade association that has represented the material handling, logistics and supply chain industry since 1945. The association sponsors the ProMat and MODEX expos to showcase the products and services of its member companies and to educate manufacturing and supply chain professionals.

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