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CNC Grinding Center for Large Workpieces

Haas Schleifmaschinen GmbH in Trossingen, Germany, offers its Multigrind CB XL 5-axis CNC grinding center that complete machines workpieces measuring up to 3,200 mm in length.

"Based on requests from customers, we have recognized a trend towards complete machining of ever bigger workpieces in one clamping," said a company spokesperson. "Manufacturers of large diameter, long length parts with complex, precise features want these large parts processed from one piece, in one clamping, in one machine cycle. Combining multiple operations into a single clamping and a single machine cycle has multiple benefits: higher overall precision, lower labor and handling costs, fewer number of machines, reduced floor space requirements and faster overall throughput, to name a few."

Parts such as hob cutters, broaches, geared shafts, cutting rotors, landing gear components, turbine engine components, winch drives, racks and guideways are ideal candidates for the new high-tech grinding center.

The development of the Multigrind CB XL model was a challenge for the engineers from Haas Schleifmaschinen because of significantly larger part dimensions and weights. The design task included maintaining small part micron accuracy even on larger parts.

The solution was based on the flagship Multigrind CB, a model designed from the beginning to be adapted and deployed for future demanding grinding tasks. This new CB XL grinding center has much of the same structural design as the CB, but with a stretched X-axis and machine table.

"Due to its symmetric design, the Haas Multigrind CB XL maintains stability and rigidity, regardless of part length," said the spokesperson. "The effects of thermal growth are minimized because the grinding contact point is always in the center of the box frame. The axis configuration reduces unwanted transitions or vibrations."

The massive mineral cast bed and the high-precision linear drive in the machine table are engineered to provide stable processes and repeatable grinding results. There is room on the machine table for up to four work supports. Four telescoping doors make for easier loading, unloading and machine set-up.

The new Multigrind CB XL is available in four incremental lengths for workpieces from 1,400 mm to 3,200 mm. The modular design also includes options for table extensions, which can be configured to specific requirements of individual customers and applications.

Grinding wheel shapes are produced and maintained with on-board dressing spindles and automatic wear compensation to help maintain consistent precision.

Direct-driven, water-cooled grinding spindles are suitable for grinding, milling and drilling. Drive power up to 50 kW (67 HP) at speeds up to 12,000 RPM deliver high material removal rates. The HSK 80 E interface is designed to provide quick, precise automatic wheel change. For most applications, the standard tool magazine with up to 15 wheels is enough. Beyond that, Haas offers a shelf tool magazine with space for 65 grinding wheels up to 300 mm in diameter and up to 20 coolant nozzle sets.

Automatic part loading solutions are available, which are fully engineered, deployed and supported by in-house resources.

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Haas Multigrind LLC

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