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Entry-Level Industrial CNC Mill

"Vulcan Machine Co. has developed an entry-level industrial CNC mill that redefines the way small businesses and start-ups handle manufacturing," said a company spokesperson. "Traditionally, stepping into manufacturing requires a lot of capital. Small businesses and start-ups often find themselves in need of increased milling capabilities, but cannot justify the cost of a true production-caliber mill. With the boom of the maker movement and `gig' economy, this problem has become evermore apparent, as these machinists are forced to choose between sacrificing capabilities for a lesser machine, or financing a machine that is really out of their price range."

Vulcan Machine Co. set out to fill this gap in the market by developing a CNC mill built with a focus on empowering start-ups and small businesses to build and create quicker, easier and at a lower cost.

The Vulcan Mill is a compact precision CNC mill that is designed and assembled in the USA. "It can be moved around the shop with a pallet jack and set up in minutes, while typical industrial machines often require professional services to move and install," said the spokesperson. "The Vulcan Mill offers the highest cut-volume-to-footprint ratio in its class, while maintaining a footprint narrow enough to fit through a residential doorway. This design allows users to save valuable shop space compared to many other mills in its class."

The frame is a cast iron hybrid gantry-column design engineered to minimize cantilever forces while maximizing rigidity and stiffness. The 13" Y-axis is mounted on the base while the 13" X-axis sits on a carriage that slides on the 13" Z-axis of the column. "The design uses linear guides to help ensure maximum lifespan of the machine," said the spokesperson. "While dovetails and box ways wear down over time, linear guides can be inexpensively replaced when these components reach their end of life. With double ball nuts on every axis, and with the ball screws and linear rails all referenced and clamped, this machine is built to continue to hold calibration and function properly over time."

The spindle is a 12k RPM 5 HP BT30 using four oversized 7010 Japanese bearings. Rigid tapping comes standard, as does a small table-mounted automatic tool changer. The machine is controlled using Centroid CNC, which is an easy to use graphical interface controller that includes conversational programming. Axis motors are hybrid NEMA 34 steppers-servos and because they are closed loop, they will never miss a step.

"Between the heavy cast iron frame and oversized linear motion components, the Vulcan Mill sits at over 2,500 lbs. and has been over engineered to not only survive abuse but also continue to be a workhorse for years," said the spokesperson. "The team believes the Vulcan Mill offers the greatest return on investment compared to any other machine in its class. The Vulcan Mill is currently in the beta testing phase and is planning to enter production at the end of this year. Pricing has not yet been announced but is anticipated at being in the high teens."

For more information contact:

Vulcan Machine Co.

168 Cross Creek Lane

Fort Valley, VA 22652


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