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June 2018

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RoboVent Acquired by Air Filtration Holdings LLC
Automatic Liquid Dispenser Prevents Spills
Expanded and Updated Clean Air Fume Extraction MIG Gun Offering
Automated Directional Fan Detects Motion
Explosion Isolation Valve Keeps Dust Collectors Operating Safely
A Workstation and Cart Rolled into One
Complete Measurement and Test Systems
EIT Digital Launches New Generation ModBox Gateway
Company Debuts Three Free Machine Monitoring Reports for Customers
Updated SumpDoc Portable Inline Fluid Reclamation Machine
Measure Air Usage Wirelessly
On-the-Go Coil Cleaning Made Easier
Immediate Availability of Continuous Online Vibration Monitoring
Getting Tools to Employees Quicker
Magnetic Holder for Tool Storage
Four-Piece Set of Diamond-Coated Files
New Generation Compressed Air System Control
Magnetic Separator Line for Removing Metal Fines and Chips
Greases for Long-Term Stability and Thermal Resistance
150 Watt High Bay Cold Forged LED Light
Virtual Online Configurator for Industrial Storage Solutions
LED High Bay Launched
Ethernet Cable for Flex and Twist Applications
Magnetic Sweepers Provide Convenience and Safety for Plant Maintenance
Inserts for Automated Cleaning of Toolholders
High Capacity Steel Storage Combo
SHM Machine Mount Mist Collector
SE 8 Freestanding Enclosures
Static Controlled ESD flooring
LXE300 Linear Light Series
Permanently Flexible Coatings for Sealing and Repair of Flexible Materials
E-Series Mobile Cabinet Line
5 Micron Compressed Air Filter
Atomized Cooling Fan Beats Heat and Humidity
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SHM Machine Mount Mist Collector

The Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, has launched its SmogHog SHM Machine Mount (MM) media mist collector. The SmogHog SHM MM is a media mist collector designed for direct mounted systems and collecting coolant mists from processes such as CNC machining, cold forming, sawing, lathes, stamping and more.

The SmogHog SHM MM unit is available in two base models rated at 500 CFM and 800 CFM to handle various machine sizes and applications. Both models feature PEACH saturated depth coalescing media in a patent pending filter design. PEACH, a patented, proprietary Parker media technology uses a three-stage filtration process that progressively reduces the mist concentration resulting in greater than 99% particle removal efficiency. The 800 CFM unit is available in an advanced version that includes a remote touchscreen controller and EC blower, which simplifies product operation and maintenance while delivering energy savings.

Travis Haynam, Product Manager, Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division, said, "Having a comprehensive family of SmogHog mist collectors featuring best in class media and ESP technology allows us to provide appropriate solutions for a customer's specific application that deliver value in meeting performance expectations and improved total cost of ownership."

The industrial SmogHog SHM MM includes ASHRAE 95% oil mist or HEPA safety after-filter options, various wall mount alternatives, remote on/off disconnect switch and many additional options and accessories including custom paint colors. Learn more about the SmogHog SHM MM at To find a local SmogHog representative visit

For more information contact:

Parker Hannifin

Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division

4087 Walden Ave.

Lancaster, NY 14086


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