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Grinding Steady Rests for Overhead Gantry and Robot Loading

Kitagawa-NorthTech, Inc. has introduced its new AS Series of grinding steady rests. The AS Series expands and completes its portfolio of steady rests specifically designed and engineered for grinding applications. They feature narrow retractable arms for easy automated part loading, as well as other capabilities for grinding applications.

The narrow retractable arms prevent interference with oil hole journals and provide easy vertical loading of the workpiece. Available in standard gripping diameters from .39" (10 mm) to 5.59" (142 mm) range, the AS Series steady rests can accommodate eccentric throw with body modifications for crank lobe clearance.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Steady rest with retractable arms for easy overhead gantry/robot loading
  • Suitable for all crank shaft, cam shaft and cylindrical grinding applications where vertical load is a requirement
  • High accuracy, with three-point finely adjustable centering capability
  • Modular regrindable carbide or relappable PCD work rest pads
  • Suitable for pass through grinding capabilities
  • Provisions to accommodate attenuating in-process gauging (IPG).

A New Family of Grinding Steady Rests with a Broad Range of Gripping Diameters

Earlier this year Kitagawa-NorthTech launched its grinding series with the KRGU and GHS. The retracting KRGU grinding steady rests and GHS/VGHS grinding steady rests are designed for camshafts/crankshafts and other cylindrical applications. The KRGU is specially designed for crank shaft grinding to accommodate the maximum eccentric throw and journal diameter of crank shafts. The GHS is suitable for all crank shaft, cam shaft and cylindrical grinding applications where vertical load is a requirement.

Complete Line of Steady Rests for Both Turning and Grinding Applications

Ranging from .394" to 7.5" clamping, Kitagawa-NorthTech also offers a complete family of self-centering steady rests for most grinding applications with all the required standard and engineered mounting accessories. Models can be specified with hydraulic or pneumatic actuation. Automatic lubrication systems are also available to deliver consistent lubrication for maximizing roller and cam arm life. The company also offers a family of turning steady rests ranging from compact to vertical loading to heavy-duty models.

For more information contact:

Kitagawa-NorthTech, Inc.

301 E. Commerce Drive

Schaumburg, IL 60173


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