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Crown Grinder Increases Efficiencies and Part Accuracy 

Drake Manufacturing has recently redesigned the Drake GS:CG Crown Grinder to further increase customer efficiencies and part accuracy.

The Drake GS:CG's structure and kinematics are designed for high rigidity, stiffness and precision. This new design is still powered by Drake's menu-driven PartSmart software and includes special applications engineered to help ensure form and accuracy. Process flexibility is built in to optimize speeds and feeds for grinding and dressing to minimize cycle time.

The GS:CG machine features a compact layout with a new CNC controller that can swing from the front of the machine to the side for improved operator access. Operators can use the controls while also having access to the wheel and dresser set-up as well as part set-up, further increasing productivity.

For more information contact:

Drake Manufacturing Services Co., LLC

4371 North Leavitt Rd.

Warren, OH 44485


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