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Linear Drive Production Tool Grinder

ANCA has introduced its TX7 Linear production tool grinding machine, aimed at demanding and diverse applications. The TX7 Linear 37 kW (49 HP) peak power direct drive spindle with BigPlus arbor handles a 3 mm diameter end mill to 400 mm long drill or a 300 mm diameter face cutter. The spindle is mounted in a rigid machine to facilitate design heavy grinding operations. The TX7 Linear is equipped with the ANCA Motion AMC5 CNC with touchscreen user interface.

The TX Linear range uses ANCA LinX Linear Motors for all axis motion (X-, Y- and Z-axes). "In conjunction with linear scales, a high level of machine precision and performance is achieved, resulting in enhanced tool accuracy and surface finish," said a company spokesperson. "With LinX Linear Motors there is no loss of machine accuracy over time due to wear and they are not affected by shop temperature variations. The LinX Linear Motor has higher axis speed and acceleration, and smoother axis motion leading to reduced cycle times."

The production-oriented machine includes a 2-wheel pack changer with up to 4 wheels per arbor, maximum wheel diameter 200 mm (8"), on-machine tool measurement with standard touch probe and optional ANCA LaserPlus and iView, a variety of tool support options including fixed and travelling steady, and two independent wheel dressing options.

ANCA's RoboMate robot loader is a versatile automation solution for the production grinder that is equally efficient on a range of ANCA CNC tool and cutter grinders. Using the accuracy and reliability of the FANUC robot, RoboMate takes the tool directly from the pallet to the collet in a single grip offering a 15-second tool load time.

ANCA's ToolRoom software suite makes it simple to program grinding for a wide range of tool types and applications with an easy-to use interface to input tool geometry parameters. Utilizing easy to use Wizard based software, the machine operator can easily and quickly set up or modify tool programs, depending upon the required tool type. For more proficient users, advanced software pages exist to access complex tool designs and operations. ToolRoom supports the grinding of drills, end mills, profile tools, burrs, routers and many other special applications.

Also available for the TX7 Linear is the ANCA Management Suite that provides customers with the ability to manage their tool production, tool files and wheel files. This standalone software comes with three main features. REDAX monitors machine production 24/7 in real-time and delivers up to date information, enhancing the visibility and control of the tool manufacturing operation. This system allows the customers to improve the productivity of their machines by reducing machine downtime, analyzing tool production and past and present production history. Wheel management is a server-based wheel library that provides a means to easily share wheel packs and qualification data between machines. Tool management is also a server based application that makes it easy to transfer or share grinding programs between machines and also manage grinding program change history.

For TX7 Linear operators, the ANCA CIMulator3D simulates the programmed toolpath exactly as it would be ground on the machine. New tool programs can be verified for size, shape, machine clearance and even cycle time estimates. CIMulator3D maintains continuous work flow through the machine by reducing development time and trial grinding.

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