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New Release of NUMROTO Tool Grinding Software

The ball nose and corner radius tools in NUMROTO Version 4.0 allow programming of a helix step on end mills.

NUMROTO Draw now automatically displays the geometry of grinding wheels and grinding wheel packages.

NUM has launched a major new release of its NUMROTO tool grinding software. Offering numerous additional features and enhancements, Version 4.0 of the software is designed to increase the productivity of precision machine tools without the need for additional hardware.

The ball nose and corner radius tools in NUMROTO now allow programming of a helix step on end mills. It is now possible to program different helix angles for the end of the radius and the beginning of the cylindrical parts.

NUMROTO Draw, the software's drawing and documentation tool, automatically processes the geometry data used for grinding a tool to generate a basic drawing. Many NUMROTO users choose to provide this drawing together with the finished, ground tool to their customers, to show standards compliance. The latest software release extends this capability by automatically displaying the geometry of the grinding wheels and grinding wheel packages needed to make the tool in the drawing. Also, all the important dimensions are automatically added to the grinding wheels. "The time-saving benefits of this approach are considerable: a grinding wheel assembly drawing can be printed out for the machine operator to help speed set-up without having to involve the design department, which is especially beneficial for companies handling numerous small production runs," said a company spokesperson.

The 3-D simulation facilities of NUMROTO Version 4.0 have also been further enhanced. Coolant holes in the 3-D blank are displayed automatically, and users can now add DXF comparison profiles. There is a new measurement mode that provides comparator functionality, and the programmed feedrate can be displayed during the 3-D simulation.

"A new feature that is especially likely to appeal to users of high-end machine tools is support for adaptive grinding," said the spokesperson. By continuously monitoring the dynamic performance of the grinding spindle, the software enables the feedrate to be optimized automatically - without the need to install any additional hardware. This offers a cost-effective means of increasing the productivity of certain grinding processes.

For more information contact:

Steve Schilling

NUM Corporation

603 East Diehl Road, Suite 115

Naperville, IL 60563


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