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June 2018

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RoboVent Acquired by Air Filtration Holdings LLC
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Expanded and Updated Clean Air Fume Extraction MIG Gun Offering
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EIT Digital Launches New Generation ModBox Gateway
Company Debuts Three Free Machine Monitoring Reports for Customers
Updated SumpDoc Portable Inline Fluid Reclamation Machine
Measure Air Usage Wirelessly
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Magnetic Holder for Tool Storage
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Virtual Online Configurator for Industrial Storage Solutions
LED High Bay Launched
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Magnetic Sweepers Provide Convenience and Safety for Plant Maintenance
Inserts for Automated Cleaning of Toolholders
High Capacity Steel Storage Combo
SHM Machine Mount Mist Collector
SE 8 Freestanding Enclosures
Static Controlled ESD flooring
LXE300 Linear Light Series
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E-Series Mobile Cabinet Line
5 Micron Compressed Air Filter
Atomized Cooling Fan Beats Heat and Humidity
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Updated SumpDoc Portable Inline Fluid Reclamation Machine

Eriez HydroFlow has introduced a new version of its SumpDoc portable inline fluid reclamation machine. The design has been modified to make these units more affordable and easier to use.

The redesigned version is based on customer feedback at numerous installations. The updated unit is designed to be simple to operate and small and lightweight enough to allow an operator to push SumpDoc quickly and easily from location to location.

SumpDoc is designed to provide complete coolant restoration and rejuvenation treatment of the metalworking fluids in the machine tool sump with minimal operator interface. There is no interruption in the production cycle or need to transport fluids. The portable SumpDoc can be wheeled next to a machine tool, parts washer or rinse tank to provide full-service fluid reclamation in a simple two-step process.

The main components of the SumpDoc include: sump cleaner for removal of chips and solids 50 micron and larger, pleated bag filter and housing for removal of solids down to 10 micron, high speed centrifuge for removal of emulsified tramp oil and fines down to three to five micron, an ozone generator for microbiological treatment of coolants and electrical controls with touchscreen dashboard.

"The SumpDoc is a cost-effective alternative to a central fluid recycling system or batch processing," said a company spokesperson. The economic advantages stem from the elimination of downtime and savings from re-use of fluids. Removing solids, filtering the fluid and removing tramp oils are essential steps for cleaning the coolant to ensure maximum performance and sump life.

"The SumpDoc is the only coolant maintenance equipment on the market today that combines both sump cleaning and tramp oil removal in one package," said HydroFlow Product Manager Ron Wendt. "With its portable design and ability to function with little operator interaction and no stop in production, the SumpDoc is truly unique."

For more information contact:

Eriez Manufacturing Co.

2200 Asbury Road

Erie, PA 16506

800-345-4946 / 814-835-6000

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