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June 2018

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Advanced Core Concepts Announces Partnership with Keystone Synergistic Enterprises
Triform to Manufacture Fluid Cell Sheet Hydroforming Press
BigRep and Etihad Airways Engineering Partner to Develop the Next Generation of AM Solutions
Initial Results in Bionic Design and 3-D Printing
New High Performance Grade for Milling Nickel-Based Alloys
Shipping of VERICUT Version 8.1.2
5-Axis CNC with Trunnion Table Communications System
HyperSizer Software Helped Optimize Structure of All-Composite Aircraft
Filler Used to Restore Prototypes Made of High-End Metal
Compact VMC Built for Small Parts in Tough-to-Machine Materials
Manufacturer to Provide Propulsion for U.S. Navys San Antonio Class Ship - LPD 29
1000 and#176;F Top Loading Oven
Aerospace Shafts Microfinished for Improved Surface Quality
5-Axis HMC for Complex Aluminum Structural Parts
HMC Specializes in 5-Axis High-Speed Aluminum Machining
5-Axis Vertical Machining Center for High Precision
Tools for the Aerospace Gas Turbine Industry
Tapping and Thread Milling Solutions for Titanium and Nickel Alloys
Ceramic Inserts Maximize HRSA Machining
Utilization Monitoring for Aerospace Industry is Crucial
Large-Sized Wire EDM Models
Indexable Gundrill Series Expands Small Diameter Range
IIoT Platform Improves Manufacturing Efficiency for F-35 Program
Copy Milling Cutter Designed for High Metal Removal
Manufacturing of Aluminum Age Oven for the Aerospace Industry
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Indexable Gundrill Series Expands Small Diameter Range

Tungaloy Corporation further expands the DeepTriDrill with options down to a diameter range of 14-15.9 mm.

Deep hole drilling is a challenging operation and often creates a bottleneck in holemaking shops around the globe. The brazed gundrill or solid twist drill are staple tools in such operations. "A typical brazed gundrill has a single point, uncoated carbide tip," said a company spokesperson. "Due to these properties, high parameter drilling has not been possible. A solid twist drill is better for high feed drilling; however, curved holes and chip clogging are common setbacks with this type of tool. These traditional deep hole drills are expensive and require reconditioning and inventory management, which incurs significant extra cost for every deep drilling shop."

DeepTriDrill features one insert and two guide pads oriented in an optimized position on the drill head. This achieves tight tolerances with circularity and straightness as well as an enhanced surface finish, which a brazed gundrill could traditionally attain. The insert incorporates chipsplitters on the chipbreaker geometry, which break chips into smaller pieces to facilitate chip evacuation and reduce cutting force, enabling a higher feedrate. The coated insert and guide pads also allows DeepTriDrill to reach higher cutting speeds, which has been difficult with brazed gundrills.

DeepTriDrill is designed to not only increase machining performance but also facilitate inventory management due to its indexable system. "This small diameter range expansion complements DeepTriDrill, further enhancing its product positioning in the deep hole drilling market for high productivity and economy," the spokesperson added.

Features include:

  • BTA drilling technology for excellent surface finish and tight tolerances with circularity and straightness
  • Allows 1.5-5 times higher feedrates than that of a brazed gundrill
  • Economical three-cornered insert and double-sided guide pad
  • Chipsplitters on the chipbreaker geometry for optimized chip evacuation
  • Two drill body types available: MCTR for use in machining center or lathe; and TRLG for use in dedicated gundrill machine.

For more information contact:

Tungaloy America, Inc.

3726 N. Ventura Dr.

Arlington Heights, IL 60004


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