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Norton QUANTUM3 Combination Wheels for Increased Productivity and Operator Comfort

Saint-Gobain Abrasives, an abrasives manufacturer, has introduced its new Norton QUANTUM3 Combination Wheels addition to the Norton QUANTUM3 (NQ3) Line of Depressed Center Grinding Wheels. Visit to view a video, request a test and download a brochure.

"NQ3 combo wheels have 50% longer life which reduces the need for wheel changes, resulting in decreased production downtime and less labor cost," said a company spokesperson. "Due to more efficient and faster cutting and grinding capabilities, the new combo wheels increase productivity by 15% over competitive wheels, so users can finish more pieces in less time."

"In addition to lasting longer and increasing productivity, users are reporting that NQ3 Combo Wheels are significantly easier-to-use and cut effortlessly compared to other wheels," said Saida Guerra, Norton/Saint-Gobain Abrasives, Associate Product Manager, North America. "NQ3 Combo wheels are ideal for a broad range of applications including general fabrication, oil rig building and repair, rail, container and pipeline manufacturing."

The NQ3 line of grinding and cutting wheels feature a proprietary grain along with a tougher bond system containing a unique combination of fillers and bonding agents that allow for much better mix quality in manufacturing. Test results conducted with NQ3 and competitive wheels revealed that NQ3 removed almost twice the amount of carbon steel at five-minute intervals, the company reported.

The Norton Quantum3 grain tends to be more rounded than precision-shaped ceramic grain. This allows a more robust cutting action with less vibration, for much easier operator control. These wheels do not grab or dig when used in any direction. They simply glide through the workpiece while removing metal. The free-cutting control can boost the amperage on its own without additional pressure needed on the tool.

The Quantum3 line of wheels are offered in 10 Type 27 all-purpose grinding and cutting application SKUs. All products are currently in stock. Sizes range from 4-1/2" and 5" for hubbed and non-hubbed wheels. Norton Quantum3 grinding wheels are made in the USA.

For more information contact:

Norton / Saint-Gobain Abrasives

1 New Bond St.

Worcester, MA 01606


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