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Thin 21G Work Glove with ANSI A4 Cut Resistance

Magid now offers 21G technology, which provides increased dexterity in a cut-resistant glove that is thin and comfortable.

Magid's knitting technology combines a thin 21-gauge construction with a specially engineered fiber blend to provide lightweight strength. The addition of a thin palm coating provides grip along with touchscreen compatibility, so workers do not need to remove their gloves to operate electronics.

"The tactile sensitivity of these gloves is so advanced, workers say they feel as thin as a disposable glove at the fingertips. And 21G's incredible dexterity does not cause hand fatigue, so there is no reason to remove these lightweight, comfortable gloves on the job," said Kelly Graham, Manager of Innovation & Optimization at Magid.

21G is suited for jobs like material handling, electrical contractors, assembly line, mechanics repair, maintenance and shipping and receiving.

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