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Mastercam 2024 is Now Released

Mastercam has released Mastercam 2024, featuring dozens of features and enhancements designed to keep a shop running.

Mill-Turn Additions and Enhancements

Users can now use turret-mounted angled milling heads in Mill-Turn operations, allowing them to create toolpaths on angled planes using turret-mounted tools, which results in enhanced productivity and ease of use for both milling and turning operations.

B-Axis Contour Turning also sees three major enhancements-the ability to manually edit tool axis vectors, manually edit usable insert area and adjust stock function-which allows for more in-process control and understanding of the motion of the B-axis head from within the toolpath interface.

Process Hole and Holemaking Enhancements

The Process Hole toolpath applies previously defined processes to a part's solid hole features, which consists of one or more holemaking operations' built-in functions library. The ability to import applicable processes into the working part file saves time and money while maintaining consistency with processes. A displayed graphical elements button has been added to the holemaking and multi-axis toolpath dialog boxes, permitting users to show or hide graphical elements depending on the toolpath type. This allows for more customized control on a hole-by-hole basis or across the entire holemaking toolpath.

Milling Enhancements

The Dynamic Mill, Face and Dynamic OptiRough toolpaths now include a new Maximize Engagement option, producing more nominal chips, minimizing the number of small chips and helping prevent problematic stand-alone material slivers. Waterline toolpaths are now aware of undercut stock conditions resulting in improvement to the toolpath motion and less air cutting.

General System Features and Updates

Mastercam's traditional on-screen gnomon has been augmented with the new Gview cube, which is a more graphical way to show plane orientation, and its interactive features allow users to control the cube and on-screen representation of the part. MachineGroup Setup Stock has three new easier, more intuitive selection methods, including Add from two corner, Add rectangular stock and Add cylindrical stock.

The Save/Load Toolpath Defaults List enhancement allows a user to specify individual files and operations to load from/save to. The ability to quickly switch between different default sets for different toolpath goals or transfer operational data from file to file delivers time savings, an enhanced user experience and improved functionality.

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