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Gundrilling Machine for Aerospace Applications

The TechniDrill 2.00-30-48 is a gundrilling machine used to manufacture airplane aileron actuation cylinders.

The actuation cylinder starts as a solid bar. The gundrilling machine drills the large primary hole in a single pass without the need for a pilot hole. Secondary processes are then utilized to finish the cylinder.

The TechniDrill 2.00-30-48 has a gundrilling diameter capacity of 2" (50.8 mm) and a maximum gundrilling depth of 48" (1,219 mm). It features a 30 HP AC spindle motor and two-speed gearbox to provide versatile gundrilling performance. The workpiece is counter-rotated during gundrilling via pneumatically operated 3-jaw chucks, which increases the accuracy of the drilled hole.

TechniDrill gundrilling machines are designed and manufactured by Kays Engineering in Marshall, MO.

For more information contact:

Kays Engineering, Inc.

900 Industrial Dr.

Marshall, MO 65340


WESTEC Booth 1637

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