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Vibration Cutting Control

Expand Machinery has introduced (VCC), which can be provided on its CNC lathes using the Mitsubishi M80/800 control series.

"The occurrence of these efficiency-robbing, self-excited chatter vibrations have been experienced by everyone on the shop floor," said a company spokesperson. "The unacceptable telltale traces left on the workpiece surface (chatter marks), chip nests, noise, loss of accuracy, the risk of damage to the tool or even the machine tool have a detrimental cost to overall productivity. The chatter vibration problem is particularly troublesome during the machining of workpieces with low stiffness, such as slender shafts."

The use of the VCC function provides the shop with the ability to significantly reduce chip nests in the machining process while providing better cycle times and finishes on the parts being produced, resulting in greater productivity and improved ROI, the company reported.

Expand Machinery offers Mitsubishi's VCC on its Swiss screw machines with a rotary guide bushing. VCC gives the programmer/operator the ability to adjust the vibration in the Z1 and Z2 axis to break stubborn stringy chips from a command in the program. The G8.5P2 parameter can control the frequency and intensity of the vibration to cause the chip to break, keeping costly chip nests from forming around the tools and part. The I-variable varies the frequency and the K-variable varies the amplitude to tune the active vibration for optimal results. "This extra functionality speeds up the machining process, reduces cycle times and provides a better finish on the part being produced, leading to greater profit," said the spokesperson.

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