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Threads to Spur Agile Engineering Collaboration

Authentise, provider of data-driven engineering and manufacturing workflow tools, has announced Authentise Threads.

"This new tool offers powerful digital thread capabilities, combining communication and project management tools into a new work thread collaboration suite," said a company spokesperson. "Authentise Threads helps transform R&D and industrial engineering teams into innovation engines with more fluid operations demanded by today's increasingly distributed environments."

Andre Wegner, CEO, Authentise, said, "Despite the noise about the need to be more agile, it is clear there is a relative lack of software solutions available today to support R&D, industrial engineering and manufacturing to actually accomplish this. If the definition and simulation of product and process is digital, then there is no reason we cannot adopt similar processes to those pioneered in software and move at digital development speeds."

Authentise Threads sits alongside existing engineering and project management systems to provide key features, such as:

  • Cross functional work thread collaboration: Create, search, follow and link shared work threads across engineering teams and partners with real-time structured communication, chat and notifications.
  • Shared information, knowledge, experience, resources and context: A shared repository of all the key data, resources, goals and metrics needed for work thread execution.
  • Collaborative digital decision making: Formally track and manage workthread efforts, insights, actions, decisions, resolutions and more.
  • Continuous learning and improvement: Share full history and traceability of work, discussions, issues, decisions, actions and metrics, all with full context.

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Philadelphia, PA 19143

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