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High Rail Gantry Series with VTL Table

CNC Systems offers the Vision Wide GS series.

GSF Series

GSF series is 5-axis with HEIDENHAIN or Siemens CNC controls, X-axis up to 8,000 mm, Y-axis up to 3,200 mm (DBC/port width = 3,900 mm) and Z-axis travel up to 3,000 mm.

GSF Series options include a dust collection/vacuum system with a full top cover for machining materials such as composites and carbon fiber reinforced polymer. The 5-axis head offers speeds up to 24,000 RPM with 74 HP and HSK-A63 (HSK-100A is also available) for metalcutting. It is available with up to a 120-position tool changer and provisions for a floor level table that will allow driving onto the machine bed. Engineered options, such as a VTL table and other enhancements for manufacturing solutions, can be discussed with CNC Systems and the engineers from Vision Wide.

GSA Series

The GSA axis series 3+2 offers the HEIDENHAIN and Siemens CNC controls with 1° auto indexing for both the B- and C-axis on the CNC controlled head. The travels go as small as X-axis 1,600 mm, Y-axis 2,700 mm and Z-axis 1,000 mm.

GS Series

The GS 3-axis series offers a FANUC CNC control with options to add a 4th axis rotary table. The travels go as small as X-axis 1,200 mm, Y-axis 2,000 mm and Z-axis 800 mm.

The GS Series is an addition to the 3-, 4- and 5-axis Vision Wide line of bridge mills, turn/mills and many other multifunction machines. The GS also offers a small footprint in length, width and height-with a large machining envelope inside the work area. This is important when trying to fit the most machine into the smallest footprint in a shop.

"Vision Wide builds 15 different models of high quality, but affordable machine tools," said a spokesperson. "With the support of its USA importer CNC Systems, Inc. and network of full servicing distributors, we are glad to work as your partner to help find solutions for making your parts."

For additional information on the Vision Wide as well as APEC, Honor Seiki and Averex lines, contact CNC Systems to find a full servicing distributor in your area.

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