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4+1 and 5-Axis High-Performance Machining

The YCM Alliance has introduced four flexible and productive vertical machining centers (VMCs). The CF/CX Series C-frame machines offer 4+1 or 5-axis high-performance machining of parts up to 400 mm in diameter. The RF/RX RAM-type machines are also available in 4+1 or 5-axis high-spec configurations for part sizes up to 650 mm in diameter.

"Today, many shops consider 5-axis CNC machining as a form of automation due to the reduced number of set-ups, complex machining capabilities, cutting efficiency and overall cost savings. This fact places many 5-axis machines front and center when it comes to workload and places greater emphasis on the need for precision and reliability. YCM machining centers have a reputation for performance and quality, but we want our customers to have the added peace of mind that if something unexpected does happen, they are covered. So, we have extended the factory warranty on CF/CX and RF/RX Series machines to three years," said Tony Pekalski, President of YCM USA, Inc. "YCM places the company's total commitment and support behind these high-performance solutions."

The CF/CX and RF/RX Series of VMCs share many of the same innovations and performance features, including rigid designs and thermal stability, a result of Meehanite bases cast in YCM's own foundry, followed by hand scraping of all mating surfaces. This attention to detail and craftsmanship results in optimum stiffness and vibration dampening, the company reported. The 12,000 RPM (or optional 15,000 RPM) spindle is designed and built in-house by YCM and features ceramic bearings and a cooling system to reduce the effects of spindle thermal growth. Linear guideways, pre-tensioned ball screws and direct drive motors provide high torque and accurate positioning control of all axial movements.

A key difference between the two series of machines is their fundamental design. The CF/CX Series features a C-frame design that provides simplicity and is more compact where space is limited. The open structure of the C-frame allows easy access to the work area for loading and unloading parts. The RF/RX Series is a RAM-type design, featuring a vertical column (the "ram") that can move horizontally along the crossrail, which is mounted on the base. This design provides expanded flexibility in positioning the cutting tool or workpiece and can handle a wider range of part sizes, weights and shapes due to its rigid design and adjustable ram positioning.

Both the CF/CX Series and RF/RX Series machines provide excellent performance and reliability, combined with a three-year warranty," said a company spokesperson. "Choosing between a C-frame and a RAM-type machine design depends on the intended application, part sizes, weight, available space and budget. C-frames are often favored for compact set-ups and simpler operations, while RAM-type designs offer expanded flexibility and rigidity, making them suitable for more demanding machining tasks."

The spokesperson added, "As shops look to invest in new machining technology this fall, all YCM Alliance machine tools have available 6.21% financing with an option to skip the first four months of payments; for more information, visit"

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