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Software for Robotic Bin Picking with 3D Vision

CapSen Robotics has announced the v1.0 release of its CapSen PiC solution, which turns any industrial robot arm into a robot work cell designed to handle today's most challenging pick & place applications.

CapSen PiC software combines 3D vision, motion planning and control algorithms to give robots the ability to locate, pick and manipulate objects from cluttered bins and shelves. "It correctly detects 3D objects in a range of different positions and orientations, even when partially occluded or in tight, variable workspaces," said a company spokesperson. "The software provides consistent and complete control of a robot, end effector and 3D cameras within a robot cell, reducing the integration burden of deploying a bin-picking system."

"Tasking a robot with making high-speed, accurate picks of parts presents several challenges, including the fact that parts can be randomly piled in containers, stacked on top of one another or even entangled," said Jared Glover, CEO, CapSen Robotics. "CapSen PiC takes aim at the most challenging bin-picking problems by combining 3D vision with advanced motion planning and control software to give robots spatial intelligence, and it does so without the need to custom program new parts."

"A hardware agnostic platform, CapSen PiC v1.0 offers advanced motion planning algorithms that ensure collision avoidance while delivering fast and accurate parts picking, regrasping and even advanced tasks such as detangling and assembly," said the spokesperson. "Image processing and planning times of less than one second make it the fastest bin-picking software on the market. PiC-powered robot cells can pick & place up to 30 parts per minute, representing a reliable automation solution for short-run assemblies and repurposing robots for disparate plant floor tasks."

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