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High-Precision Multitasking Machine

In the coming months, HYUNDAI WIA plans to release the multi-axis turning center, XM2600 series and the versatile 5-axis machining center, KF-5A series, in the North American market.

The XM2600 series high-precision multitasking machine features a 240° rotatable mill head that allows the machining of complex shapes. HYUNDAI WIA has increased the part transfer speed to the maximum level for faster cycle times. In addition, high-speed, built-in spindles secure machining stability and added user convenience by providing more workspace by the use of a shortened mill head, increasing the machining work area. The XM2600 series performance capabilities will be highlighted in high-tech industries such as aerospace, defense, medical and automotive.

HYUNDAI WIA's KF-5A series 5-axis machining centers offer increased power, efficiency and rigidity. The table is operated with a roller gear cam, which has the advantage of high load and high speed, while the rapid tool change time adds to increased productivity.

"We have put our technical knowledge of manufacturing machine tools for over 46 years into the XM2600 and KF-5A series. These series of machines are a testament of our focus on research and development to speed up our journey of diversifying our business portfolio in the North American manufacturing industry to help you turn production into profits," said an official of HYUNDAI WIA.

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