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Three Efficiency Improvements with Digital Assistance Systems

UNITED GRINDING Group offers Digital Solutions, a suite of digital products designed to make work easier for customers and also save time and money.

Remote Service

Remote Service offers simple and fast assistance. For example, in the event of machine downtime, UNITED GRINDING North America customers can request service with the press of a button. This service request can be submitted by the customer via a smartphone and the corresponding Digital Solutions app, or via the Customer Cockpit.

If the machine is equipped with the new Customer Experience Revolution (C.O.R.E.) operating system, Remote Service is even possible directly on the machine. In addition, a video conference can be conducted via the integrated camera in the C.O.R.E. panel. The whiteboard function also makes sharing drawings and notes on pictures or documents easy. This way, the UNITED GRINDING Customer Care can assist instantly, saving time and money.

Service Monitor

The Service Monitor relieves those responsible for maintenance by clearly displaying all the important maintenance tasks based on the current machine's operating hours. The Service Cockpit can be used to centrally manage, monitor and document maintenance due dates for several connected machines.

Only necessary maintenance work is displayed. As a result, unnecessary work is avoided. At the same time, the necessary work that ensures the smooth operation of a machine is not forgotten. Due to this optimal maintenance and care, the availability and working life of the machine is increased, which in turn has a positive effect on productivity.

Production Monitor

Production managers can monitor the production output of the machinery at any time using the Production Monitor. Production benchmarks, such as operating and nonproductive times, production quantities and downtimes, are displayed in real-time. The latest version also supports the global communication standard umati UA4MT (Universal Machine Technology Interface for Machine Tools).

UNITED GRINDING machines and machines from other manufacturers can be easily integrated into the Production Monitor-from anywhere and at any time-due to the Digital Solutions app. This overview makes it possible to discover optimization potential in the production and operation of the machines.

Growing Importance of Digitalization

"As a result of the pandemic, the overall importance of digital assistance systems has gone up significantly," said a company spokesperson. "Remote solutions were the only way to stay in contact with customers and provide assistance during lockdown periods. During this phase, UNITED GRINDING had more than 2,500 remote deployments worldwide."

The trend towards flexible working models and working from home or on the road has also driven the demand for app-based solutions. "Digital assistance systems are already an indispensable part of everyday life, and demand will continue to rise. The UNITED GRINDING Group is continuously expanding the functionalities of current products and constantly adding to the range of available digital solutions," concluded the spokesperson.

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