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Vibration Analysis Solution

VibePro is an iOS iPad vibration analysis solution that provides a complete overview of a plant's health. With VibePro, users can quickly analyze machine performance in real time, optimize maintenance programs and prevent unexpected downtime.

Scott Yenchik, Director of VibePro, said, "VibePro, our latest software application for vibration analysis, was built from our very successful legacy line of products, Vibepro 7 and VibePro 8. Our goal is to create innovative, easy-to-use solutions for our customers. Developing this new release is essential to fulfilling that promise to our current and future VibePro customers."

Yenchik continued, "We created VibePro based on input from experts in vibration analysis and customer feedback. The latest version will include the product's base set of features as well as new features. VibePro is the first to combine precision sensors within the iPad ecosystem, allowing users to wirelessly monitor permanently mounted sensors."

With VibePro, users can quickly email live data reports to decision-makers without leaving the plant or asset's side. VibePro 24/7 offers permanent mount sensors that can be added to stream data from the most critical assets of the plant, all to the same dashboard where the route data is collected. Add additional technology points solutions such as thermography, laser alignment, ultrasound, balancing and other tools to your iPad to connect technicians to a single platform.

The latest analysis tools are available on the VibePro app. View continuously updating, live velocity and acceleration spectrum plots. Simply pinch and zoom to adjust the frequency range for analysis capabilities. Use touch markers to identify peaks, harmonics and side bands interactively. Add RPM markers from the bearing library for easy determination of synchronous peaks and bearing frequency markers. "With its dual-axis capability, VibePro is the perfect machine-analysis investigation tool. Plus, with the single measurement reporting tool, documenting your findings has always been quick and user-friendly," said a company spokesperson.

VibePro is designed to be simple and fast for the user. Take a photo of an asset or select from the model library, and drag and drop the points using the touchscreen. Quick pop-ups for alarm thresholds, selectors for Fmax, lines of resolution and other settings are intuitive. Duplication of machines is also available to reduce database and hierarchy set-up times. Setting a route on VibePro is straightforward.

VibePro also offers an advanced viewer mode that allows the user to analyze waveforms, FFTs, circular plots and waterfalls. Using the iPad interface, users can overlap readings and similar assets and visualize the data from multiple angles with simple pinch and zoom gestures. VibePro can share images and graphs within customized reports transferred directly from the user's device.

At the end of the day, technicians can press one button to export a day of data collection to the VibePro web app, where they will find all the tools needed to produce decision-making reports and post-processing abilities. The VibePro web app has a two-dimensional heat map that identifies whether established thresholds have been breached and indicates how fast the data changes. In addition, fault detection is available so users can check their findings against common machine faults with the diagnostic algorithms.

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