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Portable CNC Milling Machine

Bantam Tools has launched a new desktop CNC machine-the Bantam Tools Explorer CNC Milling Machine. The Bantam Tools Explorer CNC Milling Machine weighs less than 50 lbs. and is designed with power and portability in mind with a durable exoskeleton and the ability to run on battery power.

The company also offers a new and improved version of its Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Milling Machine, optimized for rapid aluminum prototyping. This Desktop CNC Milling Machine offers a new powder-coated steel enclosure, deeper chip tray and tighter pitch on the Z-axis. Both machines are suited for milling parts and prototypes.

The new CNC machine is compact and durable, making it a suitable option for those who need reliability and flexibility in their workspace and on the go. "We are loving the portability of our new Bantam Tools Explorer CNC Milling Machine," said Bre Pettis, CEO of Bantam Tools. "Many product developers and engineers have expressed that they would love the opportunity to travel with our machine and put it through its paces in locations other than their office. We decided to take on that challenge and have spent the last year engineering a machine with expeditionary capabilities that will meet their needs. Now, when an engineer or designer needs to be out in the field or working remotely, they can fabricate parts and solve problems, then easily put the machine away when they are done."

With a compact footprint, the new Bantam Tools Explorer CNC Milling Machine fits into a Pelican case. The machine, which runs on standard 110V (US) or 220V (EU) power, can even plug into a generator or battery power station and is frontline-ready for users who need to fabricate parts immediately. Additionally, the mill's compact footprint makes it suitable for engineers and product designers with hybrid or remote work schedules.

The Bantam Tools Explorer CNC Milling Machine features a modular spindle with ER-11 collet, a rigid unibody exoskeleton, easy-to-use machine control software and has the ability to machine precise aluminum parts using high-speed machining strategies with 1/4" tooling.

Also new are Bantam Tools key accessories: the Bantam Tools Control, the Bantam Tools CNC Low-Profile Vise, the Bantam Tools Explorer CNC Vacuum, Fixturing Pallet and Spoilboard. The Bantam Tools Control is a mini computer with a touchscreen interface that runs the Bantam Tools CNC Milling Machine on its own, which frees up the user's computer. The Bantam Tools CNC Low-Profile Vise works with T-slot beds and fixturing pallets for both Bantam Tools CNC Milling Machines. The durable Bantam Tools CNC Low-Profile Vise enables users to repeatedly produce precise and complex parts. All Bantam Tools accessories are fully integrated into the Bantam Tools software.

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