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High-Speed Full Simultaneous 5-Axis Machine

GF Machining Solutions offers the Mikron MILL S 400 U, a high-speed full simultaneous 5-axis machine designed for increased speed and stability. "The machine offers ideal levels of reliability, traceability and accuracy for mold and die machining, as well as for post-processing of parts and molds produced with additive manufacturing," said a company spokesperson.

Available 28,000-RPM (HSK-E32) and 42,000-RPM (HSK-E40) spindles give the MILL S 400 U its processing speed, along with a fast rapid traverse rate of 2,401 IPM (61 m/min). The latest liquid-cooled, direct-drive motor technology enables the machine to achieve speeds of up to 250 RPM on its rotational axis, which swivels in a ±110° range.

For 24/7 unattended machining, the MILL S 400 U is integrated into an automation cell. The machine achieves even greater automation potential through an automatic table chuck and efficient chip evacuation. In the automation cell, the ability to measure parts from outside the work area using a CMM allows the machine to continue to work uninterrupted.

GF Machining Solutions equipped the MILL S 400 U with a HEIDENHAIN control system and smart machining modules to provide the advanced levels of monitoring especially critical to production of medical implants and equipment. The system automatically checks and evaluates tools and workpieces, inspects tools for breakage and performs part measurement. These independent smart machine modules automatically monitor spindle vibration, calibrate machine geometry and transmit process status messages to an operator's cell phone.

Programmable standby/warm-up schedules ready the MILL S 400 U for optimal performance as soon as the operator arrives. "Once the machine starts, its accurate control of ambient temperature drifts delivers high precision over long run times. This thermostability gives manufacturers reliable production of high-quality finished parts with unparalleled throughput," said the spokesperson.

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