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CNC Mill/Drill/Tap Centers with Dual Pallets

Absolute Machine Tools is offering the Seiki KT Series CNC Mill/Drill/Tap Centers in six models with three distinct spindle configurations to meet a variety of manufacturers' needs all within a small footprint.

The standard spindle configuration is a 0-15,000 RPM 28 HP peak/6.5 HP continuous direct drive spindle. An optional 0-10,000 RPM direct drive high-torque (120 Nm/88.5 ft-lbs.) 28 HP peak/11.3 HP continuous spindle provides 40 taper milling performance. Finally, an optional high-speed 0-24,000 RPM 35 HP peak/5 HP continuous direct drive spindle is available for applications such as graphite and mold detail machining. All three spindles offer BBT-30 dual contact spindle taper and rigid tapping speeds up to 6,000 RPM.

Travels among the six models range from 20.5" to 27.6" in X, 14.17" to 16.5" in Y and 11.8" to 16.9" in Z, with an optional twin-spindle design offering +/-.079" (2 mm) U-axis. Rigidity is built into the Seiki mill/drill/tap center via a Meehanite cast iron frame and rigid linear slideways for fast, precise movement. The Seiki KT Series' class 3 36 mm diameter ballscrews with double-nut pre-loaded design allows a standard rapid traverse rate of 2,362 IPM in the Z-axis with acceleration of 1.0G. Continuous operation is possible due to the Absolute Pulse Coder servo system and a standard bed flushing system that pushes chips to the rear of the machine. An optional caterpillar chip conveyor provides efficient chip removal.

Seiki KT series CNC machines are offered with either a standard moving table design or a 3-axis moving column type design with a fixed table when equipped with the front load automatic pallet changer (APC). The APC unit, located in front of the machine, provides easy operator access and can exchange tables in 4.5 seconds, using a hydraulic cylinder to rotate the pallet and a Hirth coupling hydraulic clamping mechanism to clamp the pallet in place without lifting for increased repeatability. The APC unit's center port is pre-plumbed for hydraulic or pneumatic fixturing.

Turret-type and arm-type tool changers are also available. Models including standard turret-type tool changers contain 21 tools with bi-directional-fixed selections, 1.07 second tool-to-tool and 1.36 second chip-to-chip times, and .1 second adjacent station indexing time or 1.8 seconds in 180°. Standard arm-type tool changers in the KT-A model include 20 tools +1 in the spindle, or optional 26 tools + 1 in the spindle. KT-DH twin spindle model offers standard 20+1 and optional 26+1 doubled to accommodate each spindle. All arm-type tool changer bi-directional-random times include 1.2 second tool-to-tool and 1.8 second chip-to-chip.

The standard Mitsubishi M80A control features a 10.4" touchscreen with intuitive smart phone option, and a dedicated CNC CPU provides faster processing speeds. Additionally, a high response servo system with 1,000,000 pulse encoders is included.

"The Seiki KT Series milling and tapping machines are available with so many options to make them go even faster while not sacrificing precision and accuracy," said Nicole Conrad, Absolute Machine Tools Chief Marketing Officer. "By adding an optional 10,000 RPM high torque spindle, our customers can achieve 40-taper milling performance with the value of a 30-taper machine."

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