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Optimized CNC Solutions

Expand Machinery offers machines specifically tailored to the demanding needs of the shop floor.

Rigidity was addressed in both the axis and the spindle of the GENMILL machine design. The table and the vertical slideways are supported by roller-bearing ways that feature the low slip-stick characteristics of ball-bearing ways, but with twice the preload and twice the stiffness, according to the company. The increased roller-bearing contact area provides greater load capacity and enhanced crash safety, as well as improved accuracy, rigidity and increased operational life of the machine. Spindle rigidity was also enhanced by incorporating a BIG-PLUS dual-contact spindle, where both the toolholder taper flange and the flange face are in positive contact with the spindle. "This not only increases rigidity and reduces tool runout, but also provides superior tool length repeatability while improving tool life and providing superior cutting capability," said a company spokesperson.

The Mitsubishi M830 CNC controller uses a 64-bit RISC processor with a 270,000 block per minute processing speed and a 2,700-block look-ahead capability. Nano-Smoothing and Super Smooth Surface Control are standard features that deliver enhanced finishes and accurate part detail. A 32 GB solid state data server is included to provide ample program storage. SD and USB memory cards are supported so there is no need to obtain expensive proprietary memory cards from control builders.

A standard 300-PSI through-the-spindle coolant system provides improved tool life and chip control, increasing overall machine productivity. A 1,000 PSI coolant system is optional. The machine comes standard with a separate coolant pump for chip wash down on all sides. The included oil-skimmer unit cleans the oil off the surface of the coolant to reduce maintenance and extend coolant life.

There are seven machine sizes in the GENMILL lineup, starting with an XY of 24" x 16" and going up to 100" x 39". As an example, the in-stock GENMILL 6328 has a 63" X-travel and 27.56" in YZ travels, with a 944 IPM rapid traverse rate. The 40-tool chain-driven CAT#40 twin-arm tool changer features a 2.8-second tool-to-tool change time. The 25-HP 12,000 RPM direct drive spindle is powered by a Mitsubishi motor and is cooled by the included spindle oil cooler to provide thermal stability and machining accuracy.

The same machine design philosophy was also applied to Expand Machinery's GENTURN CNC lathe lineup. As an example, the in-stock GENTURN 78TTMY 8-axis twin-spindle, twin-turret CNC mill/turn lathe with Y-axis features 3" bar capacity. This design allows operators to combine turning and milling on the front and backside of the workpiece for a finished part in one seamless operation. High-accuracy glass scale feedback on the X1 and X2 axes help ensure accurate workpiece diameters. The same cross-roller ways, with all the attendant advantages mentioned on the GENMILL, are used on the GENTURN lathe series.

The dual 16-station high-speed servo driven turrets provide 32-tool stations that feature 0.2-second bi-directional indexing and shortest path indexing logic for fast tool changes. Both 16-station tool turrets feature 7-HP driven tool capability on all 32-tool stations, providing the capability needed to handle cross and axial milling on difficult materials. "The BMT-65 tooling system used here is much stronger with greater rigidity and far superior alignment characteristics than other tooling systems provide," said the spokesperson.

Balanced Cut Synchronization is provided for pinch-turning and pinch-threading operations using both the upper and lower turrets, which can reduce cycle times up to 30%. Every tool on both turrets can service either spindle to machine features on the front or backside of the part for maximum tooling flexibility. A swing-arm gripper style parts catcher and a parts conveyor for scratch-free workpiece handling is included. Dual coolant pumps, with coolant flow sensor confirmation monitoring, are included for the driven tool turrets. Additionally, dual coolant pumps for external coolant, chip flushing and chip washdown provide for enhanced chip management.

Expand Machinery offers CNC Swiss as well as a full range of GENMILL, GENTURN CNC machines and a full range of GANESH manual lathes and milling machines.

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