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Large Workpiece Solution

CNC Systems, Inc. and Vision Wide Tech Co. Ltd., a CNC machine tool manufacturer owning the VISION WIDE brand, have introduced the Vision Wide XM Series.

The XM Series Moving Column Machining Center is designed to handle very large workpieces, machine with high precision and reduce machining operations.

The XM Series features max. loading of 5,000 kg/m, high geometric accuracies of 0.01 mm/m and high positioning accuracies of P0.01 mm/2 m combined with heavy-duty cutting capability of 1,500 Nm and Automatic Multi-Face Machining (head changer). "These features result in a large part machining solution with fewer set-ups and operations," said a company spokesperson.

Travels starting at and up to in each axis:

  • X-axis: 8.2 m to 60,000 m
  • Y-axis: up to 5,700 mm
  • Z-axis: up to 3,000 mm.

To see more information on the XM Series 3-, 4-axis and 5-face configurations with head changers, go to

Vision Wide products range from heavy cutting to high speed, from 3-axis to 5-axis spindles and from metalcutting to composite material machining solutions used in vehicles manufacturing, power generation, aerial components and more and widely applied in curve-based polyhedral machining.

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