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5-Axis GRA200 High Speed Precision Machining Center

Jingdiao North America has announced the GRA200 5-axis Vertical High Speed Machining Center designed to machine the most complex tight tolerance parts.

"The bridge style rigid design makes it highly stable and capable of micron level machining accuracy and mirror finishes," said a company spokesperson. The GRA200 features X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 20" x 11" x 12", table size of 10.2" and B/C travel of -120°~90°/360°. The 32,000 RPM spindle is suited for parts that require the use of small cutting tools used for fine details and perfect blends. The GRA200 mill offers a positioning accuracy within .000080" (2 µm) and repeatability of .000070" (1.8 µm).

The J50 control developed by Jingdiao is available with many features. The On Machine Measurement and Intelligent Modification software, combined with the company's Surfmill CAM software, allows the operator to program parts and measure them on the machine. The measured results are graphically shown on the machine's control, which makes it easy for the operator to determine if the parts are within tolerance. The Auto Workpiece Alignment feature is more accurate than the time-consuming manual process of indicating in the workpiece. Additionally, the 3D Tool Compensation software will accurately measure the tool length, tool diameter as well as the tool contour.

Jingdiao's optional MHS30 material handling systems (pallet pool) increases production capacity. The MHS30 has a storage capacity up to 32 pallets. Since it is made by Jingdiao, the integration between the machine and the handling system is seamless. The pallet pool system controls functions such as motion control of load and unload points, overall logic control of the material handling, operation monitoring and process scheduling. The machine is available with a 63-position tool magazine which further increases automation.

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