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Open Center XY Stages

"The demand for a high accuracy, robust, open-frame stages is met with Intellidrives dual-axis, large aperture stages that address the unique needs of scanning microscopy, wafer and printed circuit board inspection, automated assembly and a wide range of specimens and samples scanning in many types of imaging techniques and applications," said a company spokesperson.

Precise fine positioning and control is achieved through the combination of a stable closed-loop control system and an associated joystick option. In addition, the stages can be combined with the company's Z stages to form an XYZ stage suited for laser scanning microscopy.

These stages can be motorized with stepper motors and brush-less servo motors with encoders.

An optional high-resolution, non-contact linear encoder is available. This non-contact encoder offers enhanced repeatability and stability over a range of operating conditions. Both digital and analog output versions are available with resolutions in the sub-micron range.

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