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Standard and Specialized Tooling for Medical Manufacturers

"The extensive number of product types and sizes required by medical manufacturers has resulted in the development of a highly customer-centric strategy by Carmex Precision Tools," said Jim White, National Sales Manager, Carmex USA. "The specialized nature of many medical parts frequently necessitates the development of unique application-specific tooling. Working with our customers, we are able to provide key insights that enable our designers to construct the solution that produces the desired result."

An example of this is found in a series of bone plate thread mills in various configurations. Jim White explains: "Because the plate material is titanium, our engineers specified a submicron carbide substrate and triple layer nano-composite coating. To meet various requirements, these thread mills are available in both double and triple-start straight and tapered configurations. By working closely with our customers, we were able to design a product that delivers the desired result with longer tool life."

"We have been active in the design and production of extremely efficient thread whirling units for the manufacture of bone screws," said White. "Our standard product lines are offered in every type and size of thread, so we can quickly and accurately respond to the multiple demands required by these devices."

"The Carmex product line encompasses such a wide variety of tooling and ancillary equipment that it is frequently possible to meet customers' needs with a standard product, thus saving time and money. When we first review our customer's application, we can often spot areas where standard products offer distinct advantages. For instance, many medical applications incorporate complex shapes. In these situations, a tool such as our DMT 3 in 1 (drills, threads and chamfers) offers significant advantages in time savings and tool performance. Combining a proprietary substrate and coating, the DMT is designed for outstanding performance in titanium components and medical instruments."

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