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Discover the Potential of Swiss Machining

"ESPRIT CAM offers CAM solutions used across industries to create complex parts and support every kind of CNC machine, from 2-axis milling machines to wire EDM, additive and multitasking," said a company spokesperson. "ESPRIT is particularly adept at unlocking the potential of Swiss-type machines. These powerful, often demanding turning centers require a singular programming process that offers support from CAD file to finished part." ESPRIT's natural workflow is powered by a full suite of milling and turning cycles, high-speed machining and FreeForm cycles for simultaneous 3- and 5-axis milling.

Swiss-type turning centers are used to create some of the most intricate parts in manufacturing, making it popular in the medical industry. To provide programming, optimization and simulation just for these machines, the ESPRIT solution is a comprehensive suite of milling, turning and inspection cycles with support for each component of the Swiss machine.

ESPRIT empowers Swiss users to complete all machining on the part in one set-up, even for parts that previously required multiple set-ups or machines. Its process optimization strategies include segmentation of the program to take advantage of the guide bushing's support for greater stability and more aggressive cuts, as well as specialized cutting cycles such as pinch turning and pinch milling that use multiple tools simultaneously within a single operation.

ESPRIT's built-in machine simulation and verification allow Swiss users to prove out programs beforehand and save valuable machine time. Using a digital twin of the machine environment, the simulation displays all the machining action in real time. This offers users an accurate view of the entire process, including the Swiss-specific cycles, motions and components.

"While the ESPRIT name may be synonymous with edit-free G-code, users will find that it offers much more," said the spokesperson. To help with costing and quoting, ESPRIT can provide time studies based on cycle times. ESPRIT's report generator can produce set-up sheets designed to provide shop floor operators with an overview of the job, processes and tooling. The format of this report can be tailored to the preferences of each individual shop.

"ESPRIT maintains partnerships with many of the industry's most well-known CNC manufacturers, including Citizen, Hanwha, Star, Precision Tsugami and more," said the spokesperson. "These partnerships create individual solutions that have been tuned for each Swiss-type turning center. ESPRIT allows users to move with confidence from design to finished part while minimizing programming and set-up time, cycle times and operator supervision."

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