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July 2020

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Systematic Protection for Every Gate
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Life Safety Solutions for Companies
Safe Inspection Processes Post Lockdown
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VOC-Free Edge Sealing Compound

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Systematic Protection for Every Gate

The modular safety gate system from Pilz offers individual safety gate solutions that are tailored to the requirements of specific applications. Solutions include series connection, rapid diagnostics, additional control and pushbutton elements and an optional escape release. Different components can be combined to fit the application. The safety gate system now includes the safety gate sensors PSENmlock with series connection and the pushbutton unit PITgatebox.

The core of the modular safety gate system is comprised of the safety gate sensors PSENslock and PSENmlock. The former offers safe position monitoring with process guard locking in one system, while PSENmlock can be used up to the highest category due to the safe interlock and safe guard locking for the protection of personnel and processes.

The safety gate system now includes the version "PSENmlock with series connection" for the safety gate sensor PSENmlock for safe interlock and safe guard locking. Used in combination with the diagnostic solution Safety Device Diagnostics (SDD) from Pilz, targeted control of up to 16 individually controlled switches or gates is now possible. "Expensive individual wiring in the control cabinet is no longer necessary," said a company spokesperson. "This safety gate solution not only offers an economical series connection, but also high availability due to the comprehensive diagnostics. As a result, downtimes can be reduced considerably."

As optional accessories for PSENmlock, there are two new versions of the escape release available, which can be combined with all types of the safety gate sensor: a bar is used to connect PSENml escape release directly to the base unit, while PSENml escape release cordset is mounted on PSENmlock via a pull-push wire. The latter enables the installation of the safety gate system and escape release to be physically separate. It is easy to install and low maintenance, since the pull-push wire does not have to be under tension.

The pushbutton unit PITgatebox is designed for simple operation and control of safety gate sensors. The pushbutton unit enables the control of commands that activate, stop or reset the machine or system. Due to the slim design, the control unit can be installed quickly on standard profile systems. The PITgatebox is available in a number of versions, and with its die cast zinc housing is resistant to shock, vibration and collision. Each preconfigured version with various combinations of pushbuttons, key switches and E-STOP pushbuttons provides flexibility for individual applications.

The safety gate system package contains not only both safety gate sensors, but also various accessories such as different escape releases and handle types for swing or sliding gates. A pushbutton unit can be used with both safety gate sensors. "Together with the diagnostic solution Safety Device Diagnostics (SDD) and in combination with Pilz control technology, the result is an economical, complete solution," said the spokesperson.

For more information contact:

Pilz Automation Safety L.P.

7150 Commerce Blvd.

Canton, MI 48187


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