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CNC Microtool Grinder

Unison Corporation, a builder of high precision grinding equipment, offers the 7-axis Model 2850MT CNC Micro Tool Grinder. The Model 2850MT was designed to produce ultra-precise custom micro tools that are commonly used in the manufacture of critical aerospace, micro fluidic, medical, dental and semiconductor components.

This machine is equipped with Yaskawa AC servomotors and drive amplifiers as well as an automatic pick & place parts loader/unloader for 24/7 lights-out manufacturing. The Model 2850MT can also be equipped with a precise probe assembly.

The Model 2850MT can manufacture drills, endmills, burrs and reamers as small as .2" (5 mm) in diameter. Unison's proprietary software allows the machine's operator to quickly customize and/or modify tool geometry with Unison's user-friendly application software and then verified by a real-time 3D parts predictor. Each machine is supplied with a complete software package and library of tool programs.

For more information contact:

Unison Corporation

1601 Wanda Street

Ferndale, MI 48220


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