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Sinker EDM Uses Artificial Intelligence to Improve Efficiency

The SV12P from MC Machinery incorporates a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology that makes logical use of condition-monitoring data. It can diagnose problems in real time within the burn and directly modify specific parameters to provide a stable and accurate output. "This allows machine operators of all experience levels to produce quality results in complex cavities and shapes," said a company spokesperson.

Because the AI technology analyzes current sensor data to determine optimal conditions, it reduces overall electrode wear and costs.

Featuring the Mitsubishi M800 large-format intuitive controller, the SV12P can be outfitted with MC Machinery's remote360 diagnostic technology and a video camera for remote visualization.

The SV12P can determine the fastest and most efficient route to remove material and produce a quality cut.

Features include:

  • The new Thermal Displacement Compensation System and Z-axis cooling mechanism improve accuracy by tracking and compensating for machine temperature changes.
  • The standard NP2 circuit provides an ultra-fine, satin surface finishing anywhere on the table surface.
  • An enhanced Glossy Mirror Finishing Circuit "LLTX" improves mold releaseability without the need for polishing.
  • The GV80P energy-saving power supply reduces electrical consumption by 20% (compared to the previous FP model).
  • Designed to work in unison with the IDPM3, this combination has shown as much as an 80% reduction in graphite electrode with a 50% reduction in machining time, according to the company.

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